Sequen Shifter

Suit GDB A-G 6-speed

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With safety standard approval in Japan.
Satisfies car inspection in Japan. Patent obtained in 115 countries around the world.
Assured durability.
Clutch operation is required for shifting, since this products applies to normal mission.
Shift indicator included.

Many drivers might have the experience of shifting-error with normal H pattern during races or driving at circuit. We have developed the products for the purpose of wining the race. Shifting-error may cause time loss or a damage to transmission. In order to avoid this troubles, we have realized the sequential pattern shaft used for racing cars(F1, GT,WRC,D1,RACE,RALLY,etc...), which can be controlled only by mechanical control with our own inner mechanism. Some people might wonder why it has to be mechanical control, since the control systems equipped in the cars is normally controlled by oil hydraulics or electricity which brings enormous benefits to us and also remove the burden of operation form us. However, at the same time, those benefits steals a sort of warmth, human touch and comfort, and only targeted to produce the best conclusive result by building up every single mechanical operation without any time-lags. Of course, we have made various prototypes that used the oil hydraulics and electricity.

However, we eventuated to have humanity in the operation and realized to avoid the control by oil hydraulics or electricity thoroughly to treasure the feeling of driving "SEQUEN SHIFTERREGISTRY MARK"(Sequential Shifter) is the item which can convert H pattern to sequential pattern which can controlled only by shifting the shift lever back and forth. This can prevent the common shifting-error between 2nd and3rd , 4th and 5th and eliminate over-rev caused by shifting-error.

The inner structure is designed to minimize the torque required for shifting and also heaviness for shifting lever upon synchronization by the optimization of dram groove so that the aggression against the synchronize is minimized. As stated above, we recommend that our "SEQUEN SHIFTERRE"

(Sequential Shifter)is such a useful item which allows you to be totally concentrated on the breaking on entering corner, and can prevent the mission or engine troubles caused by shifting-error by providing the assured gear shifting, and it will cultivate the better taste f gear shifting.

- Mr. Miyoshi and Mr.Shino participated in ALL JAPAN RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP 2004 C class (2-wheels-driving section) with NISSAN FARE LADY Z (Z33) wearing our "SEQUEN SHIFTER"(Sequential Shifter)and drove for the victory.

- On 2004, "SEQUEN SHIFTERREGISTRY MARK(Sequential Shifter)PROJECT PORSCHE" was organized. In this project, Mr. Yukihiro Hane, an experience racing driver, is in charge for testing and we, IKEYA FORMULA is responsible for the designing. This is how we started the development for the Porsche users. We started our long testing at Suzuka circuit in Japan and then transferred our testing space to the overseas at Belgium (Spa- Francorchamps) circuit where is famous for the most difficult course in Europe to seek the maximum durability.

- On 14th. Aug. 2004, we joined with team "T2M" and participated le mans series FIA-GT Silverstone 1,000Km race. As a result of these testing, it's finally proved that our machines could meet FIA regulation without any difficulties, in addition we have confirmed our durability of the machine itself. After all these testing for long period of time, we are finally able to release our product.


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Brand Ikeya Formula


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