W23180 Rear Sway bar - link


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Knock, knock, knock! That's the sound you hear when your sway bar links are not doing their job. Links are a common service item due to either worn or over compliant bushings/ joints and possibly bent or snapped centre bodies. Upgrade from the old units to Whiteline sway bar links with superior features that outlast and outperform the original equipment. Important Universal cut to length link - must cut to 85mm W23180 is suitable for the following vehicles. Select a vehicle for specific fitment details: ABARTH 124 348(3/2016-ON) ACURA EL ES(11/2000-2005) ACURA SLX(1996-1999) ALFA ROMEO 147 (TYP 937) GTA(6/2003-3/2010) ALFA ROMEO 156 (TYP 932)(6/1998-5/2006) ALFA ROMEO 166 (TYP 936)(10/1998-6/2007) AUDI A3 MK2 (TYP 8P)(7/2004-2012) AUDI S3 MK2 (TYP 8P)(7/2004-2012) AUDI TT MK2 (TYP 8J)(8/2006-1/2015) BMW 3 SERIES E46(10/2001-2005) BMW X1 E84(9/2010-9/2015) CHEVROLET AVEO T200, T250(2003-2011) CHEVROLET CAPTIVA CG(10/2006-ON) CHEVROLET COLORADO RC 2WD(2004-5/2012) CHEVROLET COLORADO RC 4WD(2004-5/2012) CHEVROLET COLORADO RG 2WD(6/2012-ON) CHEVROLET COLORADO RG 4WD(6/2012-ON) CHEVROLET CORVETTE C5 INCL Z06(1997-2004) CHEVROLET CORVETTE C6 INCL Z06(9/2005-9/2013) CHEVROLET CORVETTE C7(9/2013-ON) CHEVROLET KALOS T200, T250(2003-2011) CHEVROLET LOVA T250(2005-2011) CHRYSLER 200 JS(2011-ON) CHRYSLER SEBRING JS(7/2007-12/2010) CITROEN C-CROSSER(2007-2012) CITROEN C4 AIRCROSS(4/2012-ON) CITROEN C5 RD, TD(2/2008-ON) DAEWOO GENTRA T250(2005-2011) DAEWOO KALOS T200(3/2003-12/2004) DAEWOO NUBIRA J100, J150(6/1997-5/2003) DAEWOO TACUMA U100(11/2000-12/2004) DODGE AVENGER JS(6/2007-ON) DODGE CALIBER PM(6/2006-2012) DODGE JOURNEY JC(6/2008-ON) EUNOS 30X EC(11/1992-10/1997) EUNOS 500 CB(11/1992-12/1996) EUNOS PRESSO EC(11/1992-10/1997) FIAT 124 SPIDER(8/2015-ON) FIAT FREEMONT JC(8/2011-ON) FORD ECOSPORT BK(12/2013-ON) FORD ESCAPE BA, ZA, ZB, ZC, ZD(2/2001-12/2012) FORD ESCAPE TF(2013-ON) FORD FAIRLANE AU(3/1999-12/2002) FORD FAIRLANE BA, BF(7/2003-12/2007) FORD FALCON AU(8/1998-8/2002) FORD FALCON BA, BF INCL FPV(9/2002-8/2008) FORD FIESTA WP, WQ INCL XR4(2002-12/2008) FORD FIESTA WS, WT(1/2009-7/2013) FORD FIESTA WZ EXCL ST(8/2013-ON) FORD FIESTA WZ ST(8/2013-ON) FORD FOCUS 1ST GEN USDM(2000-2007) FORD FOCUS LR EXCL RS AND ST170(9/2002-4/2005) FORD FOCUS LR RS(10/2002-11/2003) FORD FOCUS LR ST170(10/2002-11/2003) FORD FOCUS LS, LT, LV EXCL RS, ST AND XR5(5/2005-3/2011) FORD FOCUS 2ND GEN USDM(2008-3/2011) FORD FOCUS LS, LT, LV ST/XR5(4/2006-6/2012) FORD FOCUS LW, LZ EXCL RS AND ST(4/2011-ON) FORD FOCUS LW, LZ ST(6/2012-ON) FORD FOCUS LZ RS(2016-ON) FORD FUSION 1ST GEN(2006-2012) FORD KUGA TE, TF(2008-ON) FORD LASER KJ(10/1994-11/1998) FORD LASER KN, KQ(3/1999-8/2002) FORD LTD AU(6/1999-8/2002) FORD LTD BA, BF(7/2003-12/2007) FORD MONDEO MA, MB, MC(5/2007-2014) FORD PROBE ST, SU, SV(7/1994-1/1998) FORD TELSTAR AT, AV(11/1987-11/1991) FORD TELSTAR AX, AY INCL TX5(1/1992-1996) FORD TE50 AU(8/1998-8/2002) FORD TL50 AU(8/1998-8/2002) FORD TS50 AU(8/1998-8/2002) GMC CANYON RG 2WD(6/2012-ON) HOLDEN APOLLO JK, JL(9/1989-2/1993) HOLDEN APOLLO JM, JP(3/1993-5/1997) HOLDEN BARINA TK(12/2005-10/2011) HOLDEN CAPRICE WL(8/2004-7/2006) HOLDEN CAPRICE WM(8/2006-5/2013) HOLDEN CAPRICE WN(6/2013-ON) HOLDEN CAPTIVA CG(10/2006-ON) HOLDEN COLORADO RC 2WD(7/2008-5/2012) HOLDEN COLORADO RC 4WD(7/2008-5/2012) HOLDEN COLORADO RG 2WD(6/2012-ON) HOLDEN COLORADO RG 4WD(6/2012-ON) HOLDEN COLORADO 7 RG(6/2012-6/2016) HOLDEN COMMODORE VY, VZ(10/2002-8/2006) HOLDEN COMMODORE VE(8/2006-5/2013) HOLDEN COMMODORE VF(6/2013-ON) HOLDEN CREWMAN VY, VZ RWD(12/2003-7/2006) HOLDEN FRONTERA MX(2/1999-6/2004) HOLDEN JACKAROO U8, UBS25, 26, 69, 73(4/1992-9/2004) HOLDEN NOVA LE, LF(8/1989-8/1994) HOLDEN NOVA LG(9/1994-4/1997) HOLDEN RODEO RA 2WD(3/2003-10/2008) HOLDEN RODEO RA 4WD(3/2003-10/2008) HOLDEN STATESMAN WL(8/2004-7/2006) HOLDEN STATESMAN WM(8/2006-5/2013) HOLDEN TRAILBLAZER(7/2016-ON) HONDA ACCORD CG, CK(3/1997-6/2003) HONDA CIVIC EM, EP, ES, EU(11/2000-2005) HONDA CIVIC FA, FG, FK(2/2006-2011) HONDA CIVIC FN2 TYPE R(2/2006-2011) HONDA CR-V RD1-RD3(1995-2001) HONDA CR-V RD4-RD7(2002-8/2006) HONDA FIT GD(12/2002-7/2008) HONDA HORIZON KH(4/1992-2005) HONDA HR-V GH(1/1999-7/2002) HONDA INTEGRA DC5 TYPE R, TYPE S(9/2001-9/2006) HONDA JAZZ GD(10/2002-7/2008) HONDA PASSPORT 2ND GEN(2/1999-2004) HONDA S2000 AP1, AP2(8/1999-2009) HSV CLUBSPORT Y SERIES, Z SERIES(10/2002-7/2006) HSV CLUBSPORT E SERIES(8/2006-5/2013) HSV CLUBSPORT GEN F(6/2013-ON) HSV GRANGE WM(8/2006-5/2013) HSV GRANGE GEN F(6/2013-ON) HSV GTS E SERIES(8/2006-5/2013) HSV GTS GEN F(6/2013-ON) HSV JACKAROO UBS25(6/1993-7/1993) HSV MALOO Y SERIES, Z SERIES(10/2002-9/2007) HSV MALOO E SERIES(10/2007-5/2013) HSV MALOO GEN F(6/2013-ON) HSV SENATOR Y SERIES, Z SERIES(10/2002-7/2006) HSV SENATOR E SERIES(8/2006-5/2013) HSV SENATOR GEN F(6/2013-ON) HSV SV6000 Z SERIES(8/2005-4/2006) HSV W427 E SERIES(7/2008-9/2009) HYUNDAI COUPE RD(8/1996-5/1999) HYUNDAI ELANTRA HD(10/2006-6/2011) HYUNDAI ELANTRA TOURING HD(7/2007-2010) HYUNDAI GETZ TB(9/2002-8/2011) HYUNDAI GRANDEUR XG(7/1999-1/2004) HYUNDAI I30 FD(7/2007-2011) HYUNDAI LANTRA J2, J3(8/1995-10/2000) HYUNDAI SONATA EF(8/1998-9/2001) HYUNDAI SONATA EF-B(9/2001-5/2005) HYUNDAI TIBURON RD, RD2(8/1996-2002) INFINITI V35(10/2003-2007) INFINITI G37(2008-ON) ISUZU BIGHORN UBS25, 26, 69, 73(4/1992-9/2004) ISUZU D-MAX TFR, TFS 2WD(10/2008-5/2012) ISUZU D-MAX TFR, TFS 4WD(10/2008-5/2012) ISUZU D-MAX TFR, TFS 2WD(6/2012-ON) ISUZU D-MAX TFR, TFS 4WD(6/2012-ON) ISUZU MU UES(2/1999-2004) ISUZU MU-X RF(11/2013-ON) ISUZU TROOPER UBS25, 26, 69, 73(4/1992-9/2004) JEEP COMPASS MK49(9/2006-ON) JEEP PATRIOT MK74(2/2007-ON) KIA CLARUS K9A(1995-2001) KIA CREDOS K9A(1998-2001) LEXUS ES300 VCV10R, MCV20R(3/1992-7/2001) LEXUS ES300 MCV30R(10/2001-1/2008) LEXUS GS300 JZS147R(1991-1997) LEXUS RX330 MCU38R(2/2003-1/2006) LEXUS RX350 GSU35R(1/2006-2012) LEXUS SC300, SC400 JZZ-UZZ30, 31, 32(1/1990-2000) LEXUS SOARER SC400, CS400 JZZ-UZZ30, 31, 32(1/1990-2000) LINCOLN MKZ CD 1ST GEN(2006-2012) LINCOLN ZEPHYR CD(2006-2006) MAZDA 323 BA, BH(7/1994-9/1998) MAZDA 323 BJ(9/1998-12/2003) MAZDA 626 GE(1/1992-6/1997) MAZDA ATENZA GG, GY(8/2002-1/2008) MAZDA ATENZA GH(2/2008-11/2012) MAZDA CRONOS GE(1/1992-6/1997) MAZDA DEMIO DY(12/2002-8/2007) MAZDA DEMIO DE(9/2007-7/2014) MAZDA FAMILIA BA, BH(7/1994-9/1998) MAZDA FAMILIA BJ(9/1998-12/2003) MAZDA MAZDA2 DY(12/2002-8/2007) MAZDA MAZDA2 DE(9/2007-7/2014) MAZDA MAZDA3 BK EXCL MPS(2003-9/2009) MAZDA MAZDA3 BK MPS(7/2006-5/2009) MAZDA MAZDASPEED3 BK MPS(7/2006-5/2009) MAZDA MAZDA3 BL EXCL MPS(4/2009-1/2014) MAZDA MAZDA3 BL MPS(7/2009-1/2014) MAZDA MAZDASPEED3 BL MPS(7/2009-1/2014) MAZDA MAZDA3 BM(2/2014-ON) MAZDA MAZDA5 CR19(2005-ON) MAZDA MAZDA6 GG, GY(8/2002-1/2008) MAZDA MAZDA6 GG MPS(9/2005-2007) MAZDA MAZDA6 GH(2/2008-11/2012) MAZDA MIATA NC(9/2005-1/2015) MAZDA MIATA ND(8/2015-ON) MAZDA MX3 EC(11/1992-10/1997) MAZDA MX5 NC(9/2005-1/2015) MAZDA MX5 ND(8/2015-ON) MAZDA MX6 GE(9/1991-9/1997) MAZDA PREMACY CP(4/1999-1/2005) MAZDA PREMACY CR, CW(2005-ON) MAZDA RX8 FE(7/2003-7/2012) MAZDA TRIBUTE YU, CU, ZD(3/2001-2012) MERCURY MARINER(2005-10/2010) MERCURY MILAN 1ST GEN(2006-2010) MINI MINI R50, R52, R53 INCL JCW(9/2000-2/2009) MINI MINI R55, R56, R57, R58, R59, R60, R61 INCL CABRIO AND JCW(3/2007-10/2016) MITSUBISHI 380 DB(10/2005-4/2008) MITSUBISHI ASX XA, XB(7/2010-ON) MITSUBISHI CHARIOT UG(11/1998-5/2005) MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 4G(2006-2012) MITSUBISHI LANCER CA, CB EXCL GSR(1989-5/1992) MITSUBISHI LANCER CB GSR(10/1992-1/1994) MITSUBISHI LANCER CC EXCL GSR(9/1992-7/1996) MITSUBISHI LANCER CC GSR(1/1994-2/1995) MITSUBISHI LANCER CE SEDAN, COUPE AND HATCHBACK(7/1996-6/2002) MITSUBISHI LANCER CJ FWD(10/2008-ON) MITSUBISHI LANCER CJ RALLIART AWD(10/2008-ON) MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION EVO I, II, III(10/1992-8/1996) MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION EVO IV,V, VI(8/1996-3/2001) MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION EVO VII, VIII, IX(3/2001-10/2007) MITSUBISHI MIRAGE CE SEDAN, COUPE AND HATCHBACK USDM(7/1996-6/2002) MITSUBISHI NIMBUS UG(11/1998-5/2005) MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER ZG, ZH(11/2006-10/2012) MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER ZJ, ZK(7/2012-ON) NISSAN 350Z Z33(10/2003-2009) NISSAN 370Z Z34(2008-ON) NISSAN FAIRLADY Z33(10/2003-2009) NISSAN FAIRLADY Z34(2008-ON) NISSAN JUKE F15(8/2010-ON) NISSAN MICRA K12(10/2003-9/2010) NISSAN MURANO Z50(2002-2007) NISSAN NOTE E11(2005-2012) NISSAN SKYLINE R33 GTS, GTS-T RWD(4/1993-2/1998) NISSAN SKYLINE R33 GTR, GTS-4 AWD(4/1993-2/1998) NISSAN SKYLINE R34 GTS, GTS-T RWD(5/1998-2002) NISSAN SKYLINE R34 GTR AWD(5/1998-2002) NISSAN SKYLINE V35 RWD(6/2003-9/2007) NISSAN SKYLINE V35 AWD(6/2003-9/2007) NISSAN SKYLINE V36 RWD(11/2006-ON) NISSAN SKYLINE V36 AWD(11/2006-ON) NISSAN STAGEA M35 RWD(10/2001-6/2007) NISSAN STAGEA M35 AWD(10/2001-6/2007) NISSAN TIIDA C11(2/2006-2012) NISSAN VERSA C11(2004-2012) NISSAN X-TRAIL T30(10/2001-9/2007) OPEL AGILA B(2008-ON) OPEL ANTARA CG(10/2006-ON) OPEL FRONTERA MX(2/1999-6/2004) OPEL MONTEREY UBS25, 26, 69, 73(1994-2002) PEUGEOT 407 6C, 6D AND 6E(9/2004-6/2011) PEUGEOT 508(8/2011-ON) PEUGEOT 4007 GP(2/2007-ON) PEUGEOT 4008(4/2012-ON) PONTIAC G3 T200, T250(2003-2011) PONTIAC G3 WAVE T200, T250(2003-2011) PONTIAC G8(12/2007-6/2009) PONTIAC WAVE T200, T250(2003-2009) PROTON INSPIRA(2010-ON) RENAULT CAPTUR X87(2/2015-ON) RENAULT CLIO III X85 INCL SPORT(2005-8/2013) RENAULT CLIO IV X98(9/2013-ON) RENAULT MODUS 1ST GEN(9/2004-2012) SATURN VUE 2ND GEN(2008-2010) SEAT ALTEA MK1 (TYP 5P)(2003-ON) SEAT LEON MK2 (TYP 1P) EXCL CUPRA R(5/2005-2012) SEAT TOLEDO MK3 (TYP 5P)(2004-2009) SKODA OCTAVIA MK2 (TYP 1Z)(3/2004-2012) SKODA SANDI MK1 (TYP 5L)(5/2009-ON) SKODA SUPERB B6 (TYP 3T)(2008-2015) SKODA YETI MK1 (TYP 5L)(5/2009-ON) SUBARU LEGACY BE, BH INCL TURBO(9/1998-8/2003) SUBARU LEGACY BL, BP INCL TURBO(9/2003-8/2009) SUBARU LIBERTY BE, BH INCL TURBO(9/1998-8/2003) SUBARU LIBERTY BL, BP INCL TURBO(9/2003-8/2009) SUBARU OUTBACK BH(9/1998-8/2003) SUBARU OUTBACK BP INCL TURBO(9/2003-8/2009) SUZUKI SPLASH XB32S(2008-ON) SUZUKI SWIFT PLUS T200(2003-2011) SUZUKI SWIFT EZ(2/2005-1/2011) TOYOTA ARISTO JZS147(1993-1996) TOYOTA AURION GSV40R(10/2006-2/2012) TOYOTA AURION GSV50R(3/2012-ON) TOYOTA AVALON MCX10R(7/2000-3/2006) TOYOTA CAMRY SV20, 21, 22(5/1987-2/1993) TOYOTA CAMRY SDV10, VDV10(11/1992-9/1995) TOYOTA CAMRY SXV10, VCV10(4/1995-3/1998) TOYOTA CAMRY SXV20, MCV20(8/1997-7/2002) TOYOTA CAMRY ACV30 USDM(8/2002-5/2006) TOYOTA CAMRY ACV36, MCV36(8/2002-5/2006) TOYOTA CAMRY ACV40, AHV40(6/2006-1/2012) TOYOTA CELICA AT160, ST160, ST161, ST162, ST163 FWD(10/1985-10/1989) TOYOTA CELICA ST165 GT4 AND ALL TRAC AWD(10/1985-10/1989) TOYOTA CELICA AT180, ST182, ST183, ST184 FWD(10/1989-12/1992) TOYOTA CELICA ST185 GT4 AND ALL TRAC AWD(10/1989-12/1992) TOYOTA CELICA ST204 FWD(3/1993-11/1999) TOYOTA CELICA ST205 GT4 AND ALL TRAC AWD(3/1993-11/1999) TOYOTA CELICA ZZT231(11/1999-3/2006) TOYOTA COROLLA AE90, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96(6/1989-9/1994) TOYOTA COROLLA AE101, 102, 112(7/1994-9/2001) TOYOTA COROLLA ZZE122, 123(12/2001-4/2007) TOYOTA KLUGER MCU28(8/2003-7/2007) TOYOTA KLUGER GSU40, GSU45(8/2007-2/2014) TOYOTA KLUGER GSU50, GSU55(3/2014-ON) TOYOTA RAV 4 ACA20, 21, 22, 23(5/2000-11/2005) TOYOTA RAV 4 ACA31, 33, 36, 38, ALA30, GSA33(11/2005-1/2013) TOYOTA SUPRA MA70, 71(10/1983-4/1993) TOYOTA SUPRA JZA80(1/1993-2002) TOYOTA VIENTA VCV10(4/1995-3/1998) TOYOTA VIENTA MCV20R(8/1997-7/2002) UNIVERSAL PRODUCTS SWAY BAR - LINK ADJUSTABLE BALL/BALL STYLE VAUXHALL AGILA B(01/2008-11/2014) VAUXHALL ANTARA J26, H26(10/2006-ON) VAUXHALL FRONTERA MX(2/1999-6/2004) VAUXHALL MONTEREY UBS(9/1991-7/1998) VAUXHALL VXR8 E SERIES(8/2006-5/2013) VAUXHALL VXR8 GEN F(6/2013-ON) VAUXHALL VXR MALOO GEN F(6/2013-ON) VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE MK5 (TYP 1L)(2011-ON) VOLKSWAGEN BORA MK5 (TYP 1K)(2/2006-ON) VOLKSWAGEN EOS MK1 (TYP 1F)(2006-ON) VOLKSWAGEN GOLF MK5 (TYP 1K AND 1KP) FWD(8/2003-2009) VOLKSWAGEN GOLF MK5 R32 (TYP 1K AND 1KP) AWD(8/2003-2009) VOLKSWAGEN GOLF MK6 (TYP 5K) FWD(12/2008-1/2013) VOLKSWAGEN GOLF MK6 R (TYP 5K) AWD(12/2008-1/2013) VOLKSWAGEN JETTA A5 MK5 (TYP 1K)(2/2006-5/2010) VOLKSWAGEN JETTA A6 MK6 (TYP 1B)(6/2010-ON) VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6, B7 (TYP 3C) FWD(2006-2011) VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT CC (TYP 3C8)(1/2008-2011) VOLKSWAGEN RABBIT MK5 (TYP 1KM)(8/2003-2009) VOLKSWAGEN SAGITAR MK5 (TYP 1K)(2/2006-5/2010) VOLKSWAGEN SCIROCCO MK3 (TYP 13)(2008-ON) VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN MK1 (TYP 5N) FWD(5/2008-ON) VOLKSWAGEN TOURAN MK5 (TYP 1T)(2003-2006) VOLKSWAGEN VENTO MK5 (TYP 1K)(2/2006-2010) VOLKSWAGEN VENTO MK6 (TYP NC)(6/2010-ON) VOLVO C30 MK2(12/2006-2013) VOLVO C70 MK2(12/2006-2013) VOLVO S40 MS MK2(6/2004-2012) VOLVO S60 MK2(2011-ON) VOLVO S80 MK2(6/2006-ON) VOLVO V50 MW(6/2004-2012) VOLVO V70 DZ(5/2007-2014) VOLVO XC60 DZ(10/2009-ON) VOLVO XC70 DZ(5/2007-2014)


SKU W23180
Brand Whiteline
Shipping Weight 0.9050kg
Shipping Width 20.000m
Shipping Height 10.000m
Shipping Length 40.000m


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