KSB790 Front Brace - strut tower


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Quick release clamps allow for quick and easy removal of strut tower braces, a must for any Whiteline strut Brace that is regularly removed so that you can work on the engine. This quick release clamp suits all Whiteline strut tower Braces. Important Quick release clamps - allows for quick and easy removal of strut tower brace KSB790 is suitable for the following vehicles. Select a vehicle for specific fitment details: BMW 3 SERIES E30(5/1983-3/1991) BMW 3 SERIES E36(4/1991-5/2001) BMW 3 SERIES E46(10/2001-2005) CHEVROLET LUMINA VT, VX(9/1997-9/2002) CHEVROLET LUMINA VZ(12/2001-7/2006) EUNOS 100 BG(10/1989-8/1994) EUNOS 30X EC(11/1992-10/1997) EUNOS PRESSO EC(11/1992-10/1997) EUNOS ROADSTER NA(10/1989-12/1997) FORD ESCORT MK1 1100, 1300, 1600(3/1970-1975) FORD ESCORT MK2 1600, 2000, RS2000(1975-8/1982) FORD ESCORT 2ND GEN, 3RD GEN USDM INCL ZX2(3/1990-2002) FORD LASER KE AWD(10/1987-4/1990) FORD LASER KF, KH FWD(3/1990-10/1994) FORD LASER KF, KH AWD(3/1990-10/1994) FORD LASER KJ(10/1994-11/1998) HOLDEN ASTRA LD(7/1987-7/1989) HOLDEN ASTRA TS MK4 INCL SRI(9/1998-11/2004) HOLDEN CAPRICE VQ(3/1990-2/1994) HOLDEN CAPRICE VR, VS(3/1994-6/1999) HOLDEN CAPRICE WH(6/1999-4/2003) HOLDEN CAPRICE WK(5/2003-7/2004) HOLDEN CAPRICE WL(8/2004-7/2006) HOLDEN CAPRICE WM(8/2006-5/2013) HOLDEN COMMODORE VB, VC, VH, VK, VL INCL HDT(1978-7/1988) HOLDEN COMMODORE VN, VP, VG(8/1988-7/1993) HOLDEN COMMODORE VR, VS(7/1993-9/1997) HOLDEN COMMODORE VT, VX, VU(9/1997-9/2002) HOLDEN COMMODORE VY, VZ(10/2002-8/2006) HOLDEN COMMODORE VE(8/2006-5/2013) HOLDEN CREWMAN VY, VZ RWD(12/2003-7/2006) HOLDEN MONARO V2(12/2001-8/2004) HOLDEN MONARO VZ(9/2004-7/2006) HOLDEN STATESMAN VQ(3/1990-2/1994) HOLDEN STATESMAN VR, VS(3/1994-6/1999) HOLDEN STATESMAN WH(6/1999-4/2003) HOLDEN STATESMAN WK(5/2003-7/2004) HOLDEN STATESMAN WL(8/2004-7/2006) HOLDEN STATESMAN WM(8/2006-5/2013) HSV ASTRA SV 1800 LD(9/1988-8/1989) HSV CALAIS SV88 VL(5/1988-11/1988) HSV CAPRICE VR, VS(9/1994-6/1999) HSV CLUBSPORT SV VP(5/1993-4/1994) HSV CLUBSPORT VR, VS(8/1993-8/1997) HSV CLUBSPORT VT, VX(9/1997-9/2002) HSV CLUBSPORT Y SERIES, Z SERIES(10/2002-7/2006) HSV CLUBSPORT E SERIES(8/2006-5/2013) HSV COMMODORE GROUP A VL(3/1988-3/1989) HSV COMMODORE VN, VP, VG(10/1989-2/1991) HSV COUPE V2(12/2001-9/2004) HSV COUPE Z SERIES(10/2004-11/2007) HSV GRANGE VS(10/1996-12/1998) HSV GRANGE WH(6/1999-4/2003) HSV GRANGE WK(5/2003-8/2004) HSV GRANGE WL(9/2004-12/2006) HSV GRANGE WM(8/2006-5/2013) HSV GTS VP(8/1992-12/1992) HSV GTS VR, VS(5/1994-8/1997) HSV GTS VT(9/1997-8/2000) HSV GTS VX(9/2000-8/2001) HSV GTS Y SERIES(10/2002-9/2004) HSV GTS E SERIES(8/2006-5/2013) HSV MALOO VG, VP(10/1990-3/1993) HSV MALOO VR, VS(7/1993-10/2000) HSV MALOO VU(3/2001-10/2002) HSV MALOO Y SERIES, Z SERIES(10/2002-9/2007) HSV MALOO E SERIES(10/2007-5/2013) HSV MANTA VS(4/1995-8/1997) HSV MANTA VT(9/1997-1/1999) HSV SENATOR VP(3/1992-8/1993) HSV SENATOR VR, VS(8/1993-8/1997) HSV SENATOR VT, VX(9/1997-9/2002) HSV SENATOR Y SERIES, Z SERIES(10/2002-7/2006) HSV SENATOR E SERIES(8/2006-5/2013) HSV STATESMAN VP, VQ, SV90, SV91, SV93(3/1990-2/1994) HSV STATESMAN VR, VS(3/1994-6/1999) HSV SV99 VT(7/1999-4/2000) HSV SV300 VX(7/2001-12/2001) HSV SV6000 Z SERIES(8/2005-4/2006) HSV W427 E SERIES(7/2008-9/2009) HSV XU6 VT, VX(9/1998-10/2002) HSV XU8 VT(1/1999-6/1999) HYUNDAI ACCENT X3(9/1994-3/2000) HYUNDAI EXCEL X3(9/1994-6/2000) LEXUS SC300, SC400 JZZ-UZZ30, 31, 32(1/1990-2000) LEXUS SOARER SC400, CS400 JZZ-UZZ30, 31, 32(1/1990-2000) MAZDA 323 BF(10/1985-4/1990) MAZDA 323 BG(10/1989-8/1994) MAZDA 323 BA, BH(7/1994-9/1998) MAZDA 626 GD SEDAN AND HATCHBACK FWD(10/1987-12/1991) MAZDA 626 GV WAGON FWD(10/1987-2/1997) MAZDA 626 GE(1/1992-6/1997) MAZDA CRONOS GE(1/1992-6/1997) MAZDA FAMILIA BF, BW(10/1985-4/1990) MAZDA FAMILIA BG(10/1989-8/1994) MAZDA FAMILIA BA, BH(7/1994-9/1998) MAZDA MAZDA3 BK EXCL MPS(2003-9/2009) MAZDA MAZDASPEED3 BK MPS(7/2006-5/2009) MAZDA MAZDA3 BL EXCL MPS(4/2009-1/2014) MAZDA MAZDASPEED3 BL MPS(7/2009-1/2014) MAZDA MIATA NA(10/1989-12/1997) MAZDA MIATA NB(9/1998-8/2005) MAZDA MX3 EC(11/1992-10/1997) MAZDA MX5 NA(10/1989-12/1997) MAZDA MX5 NB(9/1998-8/2005) MAZDA MX6 GD(10/1987-9/1991) MAZDA RX7 SA SERIES I, II, III(2/1979-8/1985) MERCURY TRACER 2ND GEN, 3RD GEN(1991-2002) MINI MINI R50, R52, R53 INCL JCW(9/2000-2/2009) MITSUBISHI DIAMANTE TE, TF, KE, KF(4/1996-3/1999) MITSUBISHI DIAMANTE TH, TJ, KH, KJ(3/1999-7/2003) MITSUBISHI DIAMANTE TL, TW, KL, KW(6/2003-10/2005) MITSUBISHI FTO DE(1994-1999) MITSUBISHI LANCER CA, CB EXCL GSR(1989-5/1992) MITSUBISHI LANCER CC EXCL GSR(9/1992-7/1996) MITSUBISHI LANCER CC GSR(1/1994-2/1995) MITSUBISHI LANCER CE WAGON(7/1996-6/2002) MITSUBISHI LANCER CE SEDAN, COUPE AND HATCHBACK(7/1996-6/2002) MITSUBISHI LANCER CJ FWD(10/2008-ON) MITSUBISHI LANCER CJ RALLIART AWD(10/2008-ON) MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION EVO I, II, III(10/1992-8/1996) MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION EVO IV,V, VI(8/1996-3/2001) MITSUBISHI MAGNA TE, TF(4/1996-3/1999) MITSUBISHI MAGNA TH, TJ(3/1999-7/2003) MITSUBISHI MAGNA TL, TW(6/2003-10/2005) MITSUBISHI MIRAGE CE(7/1996-8/2004) MITSUBISHI MIRAGE CE SEDAN, COUPE AND HATCHBACK USDM(7/1996-6/2002) MITSUBISHI VERADA KE, KF(4/1996-3/1999) MITSUBISHI VERADA KH, KJ(3/1999-7/2003) MITSUBISHI VERADA KL, KW(6/2003-10/2005) NISSAN 180SX S13(1984-1996) NISSAN 200SX S14, S15(7/1994-2002) NISSAN 240SX S13, S14(1989-1998) NISSAN BLUEBIRD SERIES 1, 2 AND 3(1981-1986) NISSAN LANGLEY N13(6/1987-9/1991) NISSAN LANGLEY N14 EXCL GTIR(10/1991-9/1995) NISSAN LANGLEY N14 GTIR(1991-1996) NISSAN LANGLEY N15(10/1995-6/2000) NISSAN LANGLEY N16(7/2000-1/2006) NISSAN MICRA K11(8/1992-9/2003) NISSAN NX / NX-R B13(10/1991-1/1996) NISSAN PULSAR N13(6/1987-9/1991) NISSAN PULSAR N14 EXCL GTIR(10/1991-9/1995) NISSAN PULSAR N14 GTIR(1991-1996) NISSAN PULSAR N15(10/1995-6/2000) NISSAN PULSAR N16(7/2000-1/2006) NISSAN SENTRA B12(6/1987-9/1991) NISSAN SENTRA B13(10/1991-9/1995) NISSAN SENTRA B14(10/1995-6/2000) NISSAN SENTRA B15(7/2000-1/2006) NISSAN SILVIA S13(1/1988-12/1991) NISSAN SILVIA S14, S15(7/1994-2002) NISSAN SKYLINE R32 GTS, GTS-T RWD(5/1987-1994) NISSAN SKYLINE R32 GTR, GTS-4 AWD(5/1987-1994) NISSAN SKYLINE R33 GTS, GTS-T RWD(4/1993-2/1998) NISSAN SKYLINE R33 GTR, GTS-4 AWD(4/1993-2/1998) OPEL ASTRA G(9/1998-11/2004) OPEL REKORD E1, E2(1978-1986) OPEL ZAFIRA A(1/1999-12/2004) PEUGEOT 205 20A/C INCL GTI(1983-1998) PEUGEOT 306 N5(1997-2004) PONTIAC G8(12/2007-6/2009) PONTIAC GTO(2004-8/2006) PROTON INSPIRA(2010-ON) PROTON M21 C99(10/1997-11/2000) PROTON SATRIA C97, C98 INCL GTI(2/1997-1/2007) PROTON WIRA(1997-2002) SAAB 9-2X(7/2004-2006) SUBARU FORESTER SF INCL TURBO(8/1997-8/2002) SUBARU FORESTER SG INCL TURBO(9/2002-8/2008) SUBARU FORESTER SH INCL TURBO(9/2008-8/2013) SUBARU IMPREZA GC SEDAN, GF WAGON EXCL WRX AND STI(4/1993-9/2000) SUBARU IMPREZA GD SEDAN, GG WAGON MY01-02 EXCL WRX AND STI(10/2000-9/2002) SUBARU IMPREZA GD SEDAN, GG WAGON MY03-07 EXCL WRX AND STI(9/2002-8/2007) SUBARU IMPREZA GE SEDAN, GH HATCH EXCL WRX AND STI(9/2007-8/2011) SUBARU IMPREZA GJ SEDAN, GP HATCH EXCL WRX AND STI(9/2011-11/2016) SUBARU IMPREZA WRX GC SEDAN, GF WAGON(4/1993-9/2000) SUBARU IMPREZA WRX GD SEDAN MY01-02(10/2000-9/2002) SUBARU IMPREZA WRX GG WAGON MY01-02(10/2000-9/2002) SUBARU IMPREZA WRX GD SEDAN MY03-07(9/2002-8/2007) SUBARU IMPREZA WRX GG WAGON MY03-07(10/2002-8/2007) SUBARU IMPREZA WRX GV SEDAN, GR HATCH(9/2007-3/2014) SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI GC SEDAN, GF WAGON(4/1993-9/2000) SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI GD SEDAN, GG WAGON MY01-02(10/2000-9/2002) SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI GD SEDAN, GG WAGON MY03(10/2002-9/2003) SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI GD SEDAN, GG WAGON MY04(10/2003-9/2004) SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI GD SEDAN, GG WAGON MY05-06(9/2004-8/2006) SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI GD SEDAN, GG WAGON MY07(9/2006-8/2007) SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI GV SEDAN, GR HATCH(9/2007-2/2014) SUBARU LEGACY BC, BF INCL RS TURBO(10/1989-5/1994) SUBARU LEGACY BD, BG(6/1994-8/1998) SUBARU LEGACY BE, BH INCL TURBO(9/1998-8/2003) SUBARU LEGACY BL, BP INCL TURBO(9/2003-8/2009) SUBARU LEGACY BM, BR INCL TURBO(9/2009-12/2014) SUBARU LIBERTY BC, BF INCL RS TURBO(10/1989-5/1994) SUBARU LIBERTY BD, BG(6/1994-8/1998) SUBARU LIBERTY BE, BH INCL TURBO(9/1998-8/2003) SUBARU LIBERTY BL, BP INCL TURBO(9/2003-8/2009) SUBARU LIBERTY BM, BR INCL TURBO(9/2009-12/2014) SUBARU OUTBACK BG(7/1996-8/1998) SUBARU OUTBACK BH(9/1998-8/2003) SUBARU OUTBACK BP INCL TURBO(9/2003-8/2009) TOYOTA CELICA RA23, 28, TA22, 23(1971-10/1977) TOYOTA CELICA AT180, ST182, ST183, ST184 FWD(10/1989-12/1992) TOYOTA CELICA ST185 GT4 AND ALL TRAC AWD(10/1989-12/1992) TOYOTA COROLLA AE80, 82(4/1985-5/1989) TOYOTA COROLLA AE90, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96(6/1989-9/1994) TOYOTA COROLLA AE101, 102, 112(7/1994-9/2001) TOYOTA COROLLA ZZE122, 123(12/2001-4/2007) TOYOTA LEXCEN VN, VP(8/1988-7/1993) TOYOTA LEXCEN VR, VS(7/1993-9/1997) TOYOTA STARLET EP INCL GT(12/1989-2000) UNIVERSAL PRODUCTS STRUT BRACE - HARDWARE VAUXHALL ASTRA MK4(9/1998-11/2004) VAUXHALL CARLTON MK1 E1, E2(1978-1986) VAUXHALL MONARO VXR(3/2004-4/2007) VAUXHALL VXR8 E SERIES(8/2006-5/2013)


Brand Whiteline
Shipping Weight 0.1850kg
Shipping Width 14.000m
Shipping Height 20.000m
Shipping Length 7.000m


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